Sponsored Program by the Friends of the Mid-Valley Regional Library

Learn intuitive, basic moves
that anyone can use to ensure
personal safety when attacked.

Saturday, March 23,
2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Mid-Valley Regional Library

16244 Nordhoff St
North Hills, CA 91321
(818) 895-3650

“I’ve been teaching Women’s Self-Defense and working with survivors of sexual and
domestic violence for 3 decades.  My approach is aimed at providing the most
intuitive, basic moves that anyone can use in the confusing few moments of an
attack.  As a survivor myself, I am absolutely committed to helping build
confidence and competence to ensure personal safety.”
– Your instructor will be Jean Morrison, 5th Degree Black Belt, Behavior Therapist,
Health & Resilience Coach, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, IBCCES