Eclipse Glasses Redistribution Program

A non-profit says hang on to your eclipse glasses. They’ve got plans for them.

NASHVILLE, TN — With the eclipse burnt into Americans’ memories, and eyes from Oregon to South Carolina having been protected by those coveted ISO 12312-2 safety specs, millions of the eclipse-viewing glasses — which became highly sought after in the days leading up to Monday’s big event, particularly after a number of recalls — are bound for the junk drawer or the trash can.

But an international non-profit says don’t drop them in the garbage just yet. The glasses can go to a good cause. (For more updates on this story and free news alerts for your neighborhood, sign up for your local Middle Tennessee Patch morning newsletter.)   a Calabasas, California-based charity,                is developing a plan to gather up the glasses and distribute them to school children in under-developed areas of Asia and South America, which will have total eclipses in 2019.

“Information on how you can participate in this program to spread STEM resources around the world will be coming soon so gather them up. Don’t waste. Donate!” the group wrote on Facebook.