Thank you to our stakeholders that voiced their opinions at our meetings and at the Animal Shelter meetings and also wrote letters to the City. Our collective voices were heard and the current plan is that the WVAnimal Shelter will reopen as a full Municipal Shelter on March 13th.

The PRNC Outreach Committee led the way in drafting and sending a very detailed letter outlining our displeasure in the plans that were being drafted for the shelter. Sending this Community Impact Statement (CIS) very early in the process set a precedence for 10 other NC’s and the VANC to follow.
Everyone involved in this effort deserves our thanks. This is what it means to lead and be a part of community engagement.

LA Animal Services is a Department with 400+ employees, most of whom are involved in maintaining the animals in shelters. 

ANIMAL SERVICES BUDGET FOR 2020-21 is $42,922,034. This reportedly represents a 3.9% decrease.

However, because of GM Brenda Barnette’s recent promotions she has increased the number of District Supervisors to five (5) with duties listed below.

1.   Facilities Maintenance & Construction Related Projects

2.   Shelter Operations

3.   Field Operations

4.   Lifesaving Operations

5.   Grant Writing

2019 LAAS management salaries (including benefits.  According to TransparentCalfiornia. com,
General Manager Barnette was paid a total of $324,066.52
and her Assistant General Manager Tammy Watson (who is a career City employee) made $252,860.15.
GM Barnette states in her January 29 proposal to the City Council, “. . .our staffing levels and the budget does not permit
the safe staffing of six shelters with 24-hour operations.
To manage services within our reduced budget, we have recommended a plan to create a hybrid public/private model
to operate the West Valley Services Center when it is safe to reopen