Saturday, February 29th, 2020 @ 4-6 PM @ New Horizon’s Sam’s Café Banquet Hall
15725 Parthenia St, North Hills, CA 91343

Purpose: The purpose of the Town Hall on LAUSD’s Sex Ed Curriculum and Parental Rights, K-12, is to promote transparency, communicate information about curricula and parental rights, and to allow community members to ask questions, so that parents may make an informed decision about the education of their children.

Program Logistics: The Town Hall will be a 2- Hour public information event. A panel of speakers will be invited to present LAUSD’s Curriculum on Sex Ed and Parental Rights. Each speaker will receive an uninterrupted, allotted time to present their information, followed by vetted questions from the community, previewed and guided by a moderator, and followed by open public comment and questions.

  • Introduction of Event by Local Leader –TBD (5 minutes)
  • Moderator Introduction of Speaker by Tanya McRae of Spectrum TV (10 Minutes)
  • Panelists Presentations (10-20 minutes TBD per speaker) up to 1 hour (60 Minutes)
  • Q & A led by Moderator to include responses from whole panel (30 Minutes)
  • Q & A open mic public comment and questions (1-2 minutes per person), (30 Minutes)Scope of Event/Speakers: The speakers will focus on their area of expertise, as part of a balanced, informative panel. Speakers are TBD from each of the focus areas will be confirmed, depending on time constraints. Each speaker will be given an uninterrupted, allotted time to present and then participate in Q&A guided by Moderator. The questions from the moderator will be reviewed in advance and shared with the speakers to make sure that the discussion is within the scope of the curriculum and parental rights.
  1. LAUSD’s Health/Sex Ed Curriculum, K-12LAUSD to provide a speaker or speakers who will present an overview of the Health/Sex Ed Curriculum approved by LAUSD. LAUSD will also address its on-going work to train principals and teachers in the material and the legal requirements for parental notification, review and opt out. This presentation will provide the public with clear information about its training, curriculum, how to access/review lessons, and opt out.
  2. Legal Experts on CA Law and Parental Rights:
    The Ad Hoc Committee reviewed and spoke with several experts in CA state education law. Based on experience, expertise in the subject matter, and availability, the following legal expert was selected. Attorney Michael Peffer, Pacific Justice Institute – Expert in CA state education law and policy. His presentation will inform the public about the current CA State laws that mandate what LAUSD is required by the state to teach. He will also provide information about the specific Education codes that allow to notification, review and opt out.

Northridge West NC Ad Hoc Committee, in Collaboration with Porter Ranch, Granada Hills North,                                North Hills West & Arleta Neighborhood Councils.