Here is the information to participate live:


Every Monday @ 9 AM the weekly presentation of “Tech for Seniors” will be held, co-hosted by Ron Brown (Silvercom Computer & Technology Club) and Hewie Poplock (Central Florida Computer Society/Sarasota Technology Users Group). It is sponsored by SilvercomCTC, Mesa AZ.

Direct any technical questions to, not me.

 Meeting Format

The first 15 minutes will be spent answering questions sent in to

The next 30 minutes will be split between Hewie and Ron discussing the technology that can help Seniors through this most difficult time.

Topics can be social isolation, on-line shopping, entertainment, streaming TV services and much more.

The last 15 minutes will be tips from the audience on great movies, shows or books they have seen in the past week


How do you join the meeting? All the information you need is included on the “Invitation” below and will remain the same until October 1- 2020.  

Go to and download the app for the device you will use to participate in the meeting. The first option is for computers.

Zoom meetings are free. You do not need to create a zoom account.

Go to to practice before the meeting. You will be able to check to make sure your speakers and mic are working.

  1. Connect with your laptop 

Join Zoom Meeting link (This is the meeting link/URL you will use every Monday.)

Watch this short video to see how to join the meeting

From any Browser just click the above link in red and you will be connected to the meeting.



For those wanting to stay in your PJ’s and not be ready for prime time, you will be joining the meeting with your Video turned OFF.  This means we can’t see you and ONLY you can turn on your Video. Click on the Video button to turn it on and off.


You will be muted when connecting. This means we can’t hear you;  Hewie and I can turn that on and off. If you want to ask a question just raise your hand up and we will turn on your mic. Please be courteous, everyone will hear your phone ringing, barking dogs, television, radio, etc.


Laptops all have a microphone and camera whereas PC’s do not. If you have a PC and want to interact with the group you will need a microphone, webcam, and speakers.

  1. Connect on your Smart Phone

Super Easy.. Just download and install the Zoom app, available in the Android or Apple stores. You will just need the Meeting # which is 526610331



SilvercomCTC is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tech for Seniors with Ron Brown and Hewie Poplock

Time: Monday, June 8, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (Arizona is in Mountain time but doesn’t change to Daylight time so it is the same as PDT.)
Every week on Monday, until September 28, 2020 (27 occurrences)

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Meeting ID: 526 610 331