A request has been received by your local volunteer North Hills West Neighborhood Council, from some of the residents between Devonshire and Lassen, and Balboa and the 405 to evaluate a Neighborhood Council (only) boundary change request specific to this area, moving it from North Hills West Neighborhood Council http://www.nhwnc.net to Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council. https://www.ghsnc.org


This would involve only a Neighborhood Council border change, nothing else. No zip code, city name, nextdoor.com or any other boundary or description would be affected.

As a Stakeholder in this area your input is very important to enable us to make the best recommendation.

Survey responses will be reviewed at the NHWNC Rules and Elections Committee Meeting on March 12, 6pm at the Mid-Valley Regional Library, 16244 Norhoff St. The results will be summarized for presentation at the NHWNC Board Meeting on March 15. Everyone is cordially invited to attend these meetings.

Please complete our short survey now!

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The North Hills West Neighborhood Council Rules & Elections Committee