Resiliency Plan Meeting
We’re enthusiastic to find out what CSUN Department of Urban Studies & Planning Students have learned from a laser-focused study of the community of North Hills West. This will be a virtual Town Hall. You can join via Meeting ID: 872 6457 7380 Passcode: 043768 or by calling Toll Free: 669-900-6833. It’s is not only for students to present their findings to us, it’s also OUR opportunity as stakeholders to weigh in on what concerns us most as a community. During the course of this interactive Town Hall, we’ll discuss possible ways in which we can address concerns and find ways to make the community of North Hills West stronger and more resilient throughout any crisis we face – by working together as a more cohesive and responsive community!

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What should attendees hope to learn or do? The members of the cohort will explain what the term “resiliency” means in terms of cities, towns, and neighborhoods and why it’s advantageous for any community as a whole to invest time and resources into preparing for emergencies and crises of all sorts. By planning ahead not only for current trends but by also making contingency “what if” plans for unforeseen but inevitable changes, individuals and their households, entire neighborhood blocks can improve their ability to “roll with the punches” as a group, adapting to every “new normal” that we face with less stress knowing that we’re not alone. We’re all in this together and with some contingency plans in place, we can face whatever the future holds in the most positive and productive manner possible. We can “Stay Calm and Carry On!”