We are looking to expand attendance to our monthly C-PAB (Community Police Advisory Board) meetings. Our goal is to include more professionals from the southern business districts of our patrol areas. Detailed information about C-PAB is below. Interested community members should call Yoon Oak at 818-823-0692 M-F, for more information.
C-PAB stands for the Community Police Advisory Board, and was put in place to form a community liaison partnership between the Los Angeles Police Department and the citizens of the city it serves and protects. Each of the 21 geographic areas in the Los Angeles Police Department has a C-PAB at their respective division. The purpose of each area C-PAB is to provide and exchange informational advice with the Area Commanding Officer regarding crime trends and quality of life issues in each respective community. The Area Commanding Officer provides updates, explanations and information to the C-PAB regarding all quality of life issues in their respective area, along with any other pertinent items city wide or from other jurisdictions that would have an effect on our community. Each C-PAB is chaired by the Area Commanding Officer, and co-chaired by a selected board member of the respective C-PAB. The members of the C-PAB are also selected and approved by the Area Commanding Officer based on recommendations from C-PAB board members, department personnel and/or community stakeholders. The present Devonshire Area Commanding Officer is Captain Katie Burns; the C-PAB Civilian Co-Chair is Bill Cotter. Mikkie Loi serves as the C-PAB secretary. At present, there are over 25 members that comprise the Devonshire Area C-PAB, consisting of business, civic, educational, and professional stakeholders of the community. Each and every C-PAB throughout Los Angeles have regularly scheduled meetings with a defined agenda. The Devonshire Area C-PAB meets on a monthly basis. Aside from reporting on the status of our regular agenda items at each meeting, our Board takes on major items of concern that are currently at issue or feel they will come to light in the near future. These items are elevated to members of the LAPD and other city, county, and state departments for follow-up review and action. Feedback is also presented by C-PAB members on LAPD performance in the Devonshire community. The Devonshire Area C-PAB, along with all department wide C-PABs, is overseen and directed by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Office of Operations.
The Devonshire Area C-PAB is here to serve you and to give you a better voice in the policing of your community.