Dan Mabe, Founder of the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), is on the forefront of clean technology equipment and operational strategies for the grounds maintenance industry. Dan has over 40 years of experience working in the landscape maintenance world. In 2008 he created the AGZA Green Zone Initiative to convert properties into low impact zones that dramatically lower noise, eliminate emissions, and reduce land waste and toxic waste. Dan is an advocate for worker and community health relating to the grounds maintenance industry. AGZA is the only organization that trains and accredits lawn care professionals in advanced electric technologies for the creation of Certified AGZA Green Zones®. 

An Introduction to American Green Zone Alliance

  • Who:  AGZA is a sustainable grounds maintenance consultancy, and the global leader in low-noise zero-emission strategies.
  • Mission:  Our mission is to transition the entire grounds maintenance industry from noisy, highly polluting gas-powered machines into quieter, zero-emission electric equipment and sustainable operations.
  • Clients:  We help municipalities, schools, commercial property owners, and residents make the transition quickly, safely, effectively, and profitably.
AGZA Services
  • AGZA Service Provide Accreditation: education, training and accreditation of grounds crews on safe and optimal use of electric equipment
  • AGZA Green Zone Certification: establishing, monitoring, verifying, certifying and celebrating properties maintained with clean tech and hand tools
The key benefits of AGZA Green Zones®
  • Complete elimination of emissions during operations
  • Noise pollution slashed by 40% – 70%
  • Radically improved health and safety for workers
  • No gas, oil, spark plugs, filters, or toxic chemicals, and far less maintenance
  • Incredible cost reductions per hour during operation, a healthy ROI, and permanent ongoing savings
  • AGZA Service Provider Accreditation increases performance of crew and lifespan of electric equipment
  • AGZA Green Zone Certification honors sustainability leadership, raises awareness, and creates marketing and earned media opportunities
  • Aligns with and supports existing environmental, sustainability, and carbon footprint reduction goals

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