Is there a pothole or sidewalk problem in North Hills that’s been driving you crazy?
We can submit such locations for assessment and repair consideration.

The City will have the suggested sites inspected. About 15 spots will be selected and repairs will be scheduled for July

Cracks and eroded areas will be considered. High traffic areas will get priority!

The Bureau of Street Services is scheduling a Small Asphalt Repair (SAR) Truck in North Hills in July.
They will be in our neighborhood repairing potholes, pop outs, and minor sidewalk uplifts.
This will be two crews and one small asphalt repair (SAR) truck for one day.

We need your input of locations within North Hills North Neighborhood Council boundaries (
not later than July 10th, to meet their reporting deadline.

Please remember, they can’t fix damage caused by tree roots, nor can the blitz resurface or rebuild streets.
This is for minor
repairs only.

BUT you don’t have to wait just to find out you’re too late, please send your requests now!

Did you know, if you see a pothole and have a smart phone, you can use the “myla311” app
to identify the pothole and obtain a case number?
Once you’re done, please forward the case # to Carlos 
Pelaez at: 

That way the pothole will have both a case number and a second request.

The more requests made about a given location the more likely that the City will identify it as a target for this round of repairs. THANK YOU!

Please send your requests (including type of damage and the location (a street address is preferred or the nearest cross streets) to: