Sex Ed Teachings

Northridge, CA – February 29, 2020: A California state law that allows sex education to be taught to students as young as five-years old has caused some local parents to take a hard look at sex education in public schools. After months of asking LAUSD to provide parents with a closer look at the lessons, a group of local moms decided to create an event to provide public access to the curriculum.

During the two-hour information forum held at Houses of Light Church in Northridge on Saturday, February 29th – over 300 parents and community members applauded in support of parental rights and audibly gasped as graphic slides from LAUSD’s curriculum were exposed.

AB 329 (passed in 2015), also called the “California Healthy Youth Act,” made sex ed mandatory in middle and high school, permissible in elementary school, and expanded sex ed to include new topics, such as gender theory, for all grades. The CA Department of Education updated its framework to reflect the legal update in 2019; and many these changes were implemented in LAUSD schools at the beginning of the current school year.

The district’s chosen curriculum for middle and high schools, called Positive Prevention Plus, was a major focus of the speakers’ presentations. Slides contrasted traditional textbook graphics of female and male anatomy with Positive Prevention Plus’s drawing of a female in spread eagle position and a sideview of a male with ejaculation. Supplemental materials targeted at elementary school children that included descriptions of oral and anal sex, and graphic drawings of child masturbation were also revealed. The event organizers called the current curriculum and supplemental materials “inappropriate” and provided scientific data to challenge the medical accuracy of the program’s content.

LAUSD was invited, but declined to participate in the event. LAUSD told parents that it would host a series of informational meetings for parents about sex ed in early February 2020; however just days before the meetings were set to begin, all the meetings were abruptly cancelled. The failure of LAUSD to provide parents open access to the curriculum has left many parents asking: “How can we approve or disapprove of the sex ed program without seeing what is being taught?”

Parental rights to notification, review of materials, and opt out are clearly established in California state law; however, parents in Northwest San Fernando Valley schools, where the event was held, reported that school administrators at several campuses had rejected their requests to opt out students from sex ed. Event organizers, who call themselves Parents for Parental Rights, sent a strong message that parents – not the school district and not the state – have the ultimately authority to decide what is best for children.

The event featured Ms. Sandee Everett, Trustee of Conejo Valley School District and CA Licensed School Counsellor K-12 and Attorney Michael Peffer, Senior Counsel at the Pacific Justice Institute. The event was co-moderated by Democrat Ted Durden and Republican Mark Reed, candidate for Congressional District 30, and co-hosts of the “Voice of Reason” podcast aired on

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