Location: San Fernando Valley
Phase: Early Planning
Type: Better Transit
Forecasted Opening: 2023-2025

The North San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Project is a proposed enhanced bus network that would increase connectivity and provide high-quality bus service and transit infrastructure in North San Fernando Valley communities from Northridge on the west to North Hollywood on the east. This new approach, called the BRT Network Improvements, builds off of extensive outreach and Metro Board direction following prior studies and completion of an Alternatives Analysis for a single-line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in 2019.  

The North San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Project complements other Metro efforts, including the NextGen Bus Plan, East San Fernando Valley Light Rail, North Hollywood to Pasadena Transit Corridor, Sepulveda Transit Corridor, G Line (Orange) Improvements, and Metro Micro, to create better public transportation across the valley by adding faster and more reliable bus service. 

Metro map