In the hours prior to our May 17, 2018 Board Meeting, things were looking grim as to whether we would actually be able to hold our meeting, which was critical for approving year end budget items prior to funding cut offs. A local power outage meant that our meeting room at New Horizons had no power and was closed. They kindly allowed us to set up for the meeting in case the power came back on. Due to the Brown Act meeting posting requirements, we could not move our meeting to another venue. We could meet as scheduled, or have to attempt to reschedule, a difficult thing to do and ensure quorum.

Fortunately, one of our key interests is Emergency Preparedness, and we were prepared! We accessed our inventory of mini flash lights so that everyone in attendance could read their agenda and select a snack. We also taped flash lights to the wall inside each bathroom. This became a different kind of meeting, more like a scout jamboree without mosquitoes.

The lights finally came back on at 8:30 as we worked out way through that critical agenda. We thank everyone who came to our meeting and will continue to be prepared for power outages in the future. The meeting must go on!