Resiliency plan 2022 coverThe North Hills West Resilience Plan was developed incorporating community feedback via expert interviews, three virtual meetings, and three online surveys. The North Hills West Neighborhood Council provided significant support in terms of communicating to the residents, providing insight on issues and identifying experts for further understanding. The students provided updates on the resilience plan status at the monthly North Hills West Neighborhood Council meetings. Social media, primarily Twitter and NextDoor, as well as notifications on the North Hills West Neighborhood website were used to help keep the public informed about the planning process.

Many thanks to Professors Craig Olwert and Henrik Palasani-Minassians for their guidance, to Genesis Lozano, Mirna Reyes, Rob Kent, and Zepnep Toker for their administrative support, and to Evan Sahagun, who put in quite a bit of extra work putting the finishing touches on the report format!

The plan looks great and it has been uploaded to the CSUN Department of Urban Studies & Planning website and to our website.

View the entire Resiliency Plan:

North Hills West Resiliency Plan 2022