We are pleased to advise that the North Hills West Neighborhood Council 
will be initiating Monthly Committee Meeting(s)  at New Horizons 
every first Monday of the month. 
The meetings will begin at 7 pm and will end by 9:00 pm  
All Committees that need to meet will do so in one evening, 
with a 5 minute break between Committees.  
Agendas will be sent out at least 72 hours in advance 
which will state which committees will be meeting that month,  
and confirming location.
1st Monday of every month at 7 pm
New Horizons – Sam’s Cafe
15725 Parthenia St., North Hills, CA 91343
Alternative Committee meeting locations include:
Mid-Valley Regional Library 16244 Nordoff  ( must end before 8 PM )
Fire Station # 87 10124 Balboa Blvd,  
park in the lot North of the station,  enter via doors to the South side of Station

Please consult the posted Committee agenda for location verification:
To receive meeting agenda notification via email,  subscribe at:


February 3rd
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th
Aug 4th
Sept 1st
Oct  6th
Nov 3rd
Dec 1st

NHWNC Committees

( as of January 2014 ) 
Beautification & Infrastructure 


1.Jaynee Thorne  Chair General


2.Marina Sais      Co-Chair General


3.Mike Khalid


4.Mike Majors


5.Punam Gohel


6.Carly Fraser


8.Taisiya Smith


9.Dan Gibson    FBS




Budget & Finance


1.Debra Perkins  Signatory  General


2.Garry Fordyce  2nd Signatory  Residential


3.Helen Donovan




Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety


1.John McGovern  Chair Residential


2.Tino Julian    Co-Chair Residential


3.Mike Khalid


4.Dave Brown




Events,  Marketing & Outreach


1. David Hyman Chair Residential


2.Nancy Zander  Co-Chair  General


3.Marina Sais     General


4.Mike Khalid


5. Martha Kopy


6.Helen Donovan




Planning & Land Use Management 


1.John McGovern  Chair  Residential


2.Punam Gohel


3.Dan Gibson  FBS


4.Mike Khalid


5.Yey Alcid-Coronell




Rules & Elections 


1.Nancy Zander  Chair  General


2.Garry Fordyce  Residential


3.Darleen Rogers


4.Ernie Hilger


5.Yey Alcid


6.Dave Brown  Residential




Technical Support


1.Frank Klein  Chair  General



2.David Raybould






Descriptions of the duties, responsibilities and goals:
Beautification & Infrastructure 
This fun in the sun committee works primarily to keep the North Hills West area up to the standards of it’s resident Stakeholders.  They attend to Community improvement projects such as painting over graffiti,  calling in illegal dumping,  planting native California plants in community planters,  taking care of weed control,  and general clean ups of trouble areas including but not limited to sidewalks and alleys.
Additional ideas being discussed include tackling block/ street segments,  both sides,  for more intensive “Clean Sweeps”.   Bring your ideas and location information to a B & I Committee meeting,  or any member,  and let’s bring the team to you !
Budget & Finance
This committee is involved in all areas of the Council monetary operations.  How money is spent and where it is allocated.  Examples include monthly ongoing meeting related expenses and communications,  as well as the funding for Outreach events and training costs,  supplies for cleanups,  and anything that cost money.  All expenditures are discussed and approved by the Board with input from Stakeholders,  and reflected in both the meeting minutes,  and the Treasurers reports. 
Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety
This committee is dedicated to keeping the North Hills West Stakeholders up to date on items that they may need,  to prepare for an Earthquake or any other type of disaster we may encounter.  This is a great Committee to join and learn as much as you want about this topic.  The information table at every meeting always has a variety of the latest information available,  as well as sources for additional information.  Training,  usually free,  or at most very low cost,  is available in conjunction with several specialized groups.  Including everything from CPR to Pet First Aid,  to how to economically prepare for prolonged infrastructure damage.
First Aid
Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council EP Committee
Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council EP Committee    
And many others,  on an ongoing basis
Note:  Saturday Sep 27th 2014,  7th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair 
            at Fire Station 87   10124 Balboa Blvd
Once a “BIG” one,  of any description occurs,  the time to prepare is OVER. 
Events,  Marketing & Outreach 
This Committee is involved with:
The preparations,  coordination,  staffing and follow up,  for all Council events. 
such as BBQ Day in the Park,  Citizen Workshops,  Citrus Sunday,  LAPD National Night Out,  New Horizons Walk in the Park,  SFV Disaster Preparedness Fair,  Spring Easter Egg event at Mid-Valley Regional Library,  as well as facilitating a variety of training/  educational opportunities. 
Formulate plans,  procedures and materials to ensure that everyone in the North Hills West area is aware of the events the Council will be sponsoring,  as well as other events of interest.  
One of the most important aspects of this committee,  ensuring that all North Hills West Residents/ Stakeholders are notified in a timely manner of events,  community news,  and items of interest.  Via mail,  telephone Call Fire,  Web mail,  ENS,  Facebook,  Twitter,  our semi-annual newsletter the “Westsider”,  and any new means of communications introduced by our Technical Committee.
Additionally,  the EM&O Committee facilitates and organizes our guest speakers.
The EM&O Committee is a great way to learn and participate in any and all aspects 
of Event Production.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed in all aspects. 
Planning & Land Use Management 
This Committee is directly involved in how land is being developed within our Community.  It is an essential component of any Neighborhood Council.  There are serious issues regarding rezoning in residential areas to commercial.  As well as gathering input from Stakeholders regarding possible illegal use of land management.  
Given that a certain amount of development is inevitable,  this Committee works with all parties concerned to mitigate negative impacts to our Residents.
Rules & Elections 
This Committee specializes in the rules the Council operates under and must abide by.  If the bylaws contain something that needs to be modified or item added, this Committee evaluates the item(s) with input from Stakeholders,  and forwards a recommendation to the full Board for additional discussion and approval.  Once approved,  changes are submitted to D.O.N.E. for final review and approval, subsequently becoming incorporated into the bylaws,  the rules we operate under.
This Committee also has the primary initial responsibility of our Neighborhood Council elections,  which happen every two years.  The Elections and the Outreach volunteers join forces to support and promote the elections. 
Technical Support
This Committee provides the equipment and personnel to support the technical production aspect of meetings and Events.  As well maintaining the various methods of communications,  they evaluate and implement new products and procedures.  Volunteers are always welcome to join and learn about a variety of topics,  including audio,  video,  RF radio,  web,  etc.
Usually the first to arrive,  and the last to leave.