One of the most important roles of a Neighborhood Council is to hear from stakeholders and to make our collective voice heard at City Hall. The official process to do this is the Community Impact Statement (CIS). North Hills West Neighborhood Council uses our meetings as a forum to delve into the issues, hear from stakeholders and vote on our position. Then we submit our position CIS to the City Council through the City Clerk and the document becomes part of the official record for review by all City Council Members and the public. The CIS is more powerful than just a letter because it is accessible to all as part of the record.

This year we have been diligent at using our voice and have weighed in on over 20 items:

  • Support for Historic Cultural Monument at 15526 Plummer with conditions
  • Support for removal of Councilmembers DeLeon & Cedillo
  • Catalytic Converter Sales
  • Support for Resumption of In Person Meetings
  • Support for Northeast Valley Animal Shelter
  • Support for Wildlife Corridors
  • Municipal Lobbying
  • Opposed Expansion of Fire District
  • Illegal Fireworks

You can check out the council file system here: and easily find our Community Impact Statements on our site here:

After years of zoom meetings, NHWNC was excited to finally reach stakeholders through in person events which this year included an Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety hosted event outside the MidValley Regional Library. We met stakeholders and distributed free PPE, inviting people to get involved in NHWNC. We also supported the Greater LA Safety and Preparedness Fair and National Night Out promoting community partnership with law enforcement.

Resiliency plan 2022 coverIn the spring of 2022, Urban Planning graduate students at CSUN completed a project assessing and making recommendations to improve resiliency in North Hills. We supported their effort with outreach for a town hall and survey. You may view the report:

Two North Hills West planning and land use issues have been significant this year and we have provide carefully considered opinions on them including:

As we head into 2023, we invite you to resolve to get involved and invest in North Hills. We have opportunities that range from dipping your toe in, to jumping in the deep end!

Contact us to find out more.