October 3, 2020 Clean Up

North Hills West NC Board and Beautification Committee Members joined CD 12 Field Deputy, Matthew Vallecilla, in this Neighborhood Improvement project. People from other Neighborhood Council Districts like North Hills East and Northridge South have also volunteered and helped us out as well!

This Saturday’s turn-out and the community’s expressed enthusiasm in making requests will help determine the scope and frequency of future clean-ups. Community participation in selecting specific areas to be targeted for clean-up is vital to the success of this program.

8 am – while it’s still cool out –  we picked-up trash and cleared parkway weeds in the 9500 block of Aqueduct (just east of “The Onion”) We’ll demonstrate our new Clean-Energy Tools and celebrate our community partnership with Council District 12 with some light refreshments as a reward for everyone’s participation!
Coffee and donuts and see our new battery-based power tools in action,
courtesy of AGZA,  the American Green Zone Alliance !

Your participation will help us to determine when, where, and how often these clean-ups will take place. Please contact us to let us know what you’d like. Based upon YOUR feedback, we hope to make this the first in an ongoing series of monthly or bi-monthly Community Improvement and North Hills West Neighborhood Beautification events!

thumbnail of North Hills West Community Clean-Up Flier 10-3-2020 – Google Docs