The 2016 Disaster Preparedness Fair, hosted in the NHWNC boundaries was a grand success to the thousands of people seeking information on getting ready for the next big disaster. Participants were able to meet their neighborhood council to learn about civic engagement, collect an emergency preparedness starter kit, learn about CPR, preparedness equipment, have a free lunch, take in preparedness lectures and much more.

New for 2015 was online preregistration. Before fair opening at 10am,  hundreds were lined up at the narrow gate, most having already preregistered. Unfortunately, rapid entry was hampered by spotty wifi, temperamental QR code scanners, and the challenges of operating on solar power. After a rough start, most entered quickly, took in the fun and learning opportunities, and were inspired to prepare. After catching their collective breath, the planning committee is taking note of improvements for next time.  The exhibiting participants rate the Fair their favorite event for Outreach.  Next Fair will be on Saturday October 7, 2017 at the same location,  Fire Station 87 on Balboa.  Many new and innovative programs and presentations are being made ready.