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At our February 20, 2020 meeting North Hills West Neighborhood Council considered a host of legislative proposals from DOT. Board Member Jay Beeber brought forth seven related traffic management items, some of which he was urging support for and some opposition to. The list includes:

  1. Setting and Enforcement of Speed Limits not based on a traffic and engineering survey as currently required.
  2. Use of Automated Speed Enforcement Ticketing Cameras
  3. Enactment of “Vulnerable Road User Laws” imposing higher penalties for injuring “vulnerable road users”.
  4. Regulation of Urban Aviation and Autonomous Vehicles
  5. A Pilot program to regulate Local Transportation Network Companies
  6. Use of Automated License Plate Recognition to ticket drivers parked in transit only lanes.
  7. Reform California Disabled Parking Placard program to reduce fraudulent use of disabled placards.

The two City Council files that both contain these same proposals and can be found at:

We began to discuss some of the details and the Board struggled with the large number of issues and their complexity. Just on the topic of “vulnerable road users”, some felt that all lives are equal and there should not be higher penalties for incidents impacting vulnerable road users and others thought that more penalties should be exacted to protect those individuals.

This month the Board tabled the items to potentially come back to them with a presentation from DOT or a Transportation Town Hall. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on these thorny issues. Let us know at

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Below is a video on speed cameras: