The LAPD Senior Lead Officer for our area was Officer Efren Corral, who has been reassigned to another area. A replacement has not been made yet and the NWHNC approved a letter at our September 15, 2022 meeting calling for the position to be filled will all haste:

The North Hills West Neighborhood Council on behalf of our stakeholders makes this urgent request to
have the position of Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car 17A95 filled with all speed, in order to ensure the
safety, security, and well-being of our community.

The North Hills West community and our Neighborhood Council is located at the eastern boundary of
both Devonshire Division and Council District 12. Interstate 405 is our eastern boundary. Our community
is at risk and harm from being on the front line against crime.

The North Hills West Neighborhood Council wishes to express its gratitude for the exemplary service of
Officer Efren Corral our former Senior Lead Officer and wishes him well in his new assignment. However,
Basic Car 17A95 has been without a Senior Lead Officer for too long which is negatively impacting the
safety and security of our community policing activities in our area as well as the neighboring populace
that was also served so efficiently by Officer Corral.

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