I was a resident of North Hills since 1990 and moved to North Hills West in 2000.  I have raised my family here and been an active parishioner in Our Lady of Peace Church and School since 1987.  I have been involved with all of the parish fundraising activities and have worked on many of the food programs, helping to feed the needy families of our community.  As my youngest son gets ready to go to college, I have decided to step up and join the neighborhood council to address the many ongoing issues we have seen in our area lately.

Most recently, I worked against big business pushing its way into our residential neighborhood and trying to destroy our low density zoning. As a member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, I will work with other board members to prepare our community to deal with the inevitable disasters that strike Southern California.

Rest assured knowing that this Board has some of the finest minds addressing matters that affect you, the Stakeholders of North Hills West.  I can clearly see that I have a challenge ahead of me as I move into the office of president and there is much to learn, but I have great board members behind me and I have D.O.N.E. to assist in the legal challenges that may arise.  I know that our stakeholders will have patience in the transition and I thank them all in advance.

So, as we head into the hot summer months, I ask everyone to take a moment to look around at their neighbors and be glad for what we have in life.  Reach out to someone in your neighborhood who needs assistance in some small way.  If someone needs more help than you can provide, let this board know.  Our NHWNC Board is here to help!

Thank You.

John McGovern
President of the North Hills West Neighborhood Council