Plummer Poodle Pocket Park – Beautification Project Proposal

We’d like your feedback before pitching plans to the NHWNC Board! The intersection of Plummer and Hayvenhurst is famous for the Plummer Poodle, and being the site of the infamous Terminator 2 scene where the 18-wheeler jumps off the bridge in hot pursuit of teen John Connor and T1, and has Bull Creek crossing under it.

Back when T2 was being filmed the city shut off the irrigation to the planters and never turned it back on. The planters in the southwest corner have not had plants in over thirty years! When I (as an NHWNC Board Member) pointed this out (repeatedly) to folks @ CD12 I got no results, finally I boldly demanded ‘parity’ (equal treatment.) Instead of turning our water back on they turned off the water to the once lovely irrigated planters diagonally across the street, leaving both corner parks dry, barren, and falling into serious disrepair.

Last year CSUN Urban Studies and Planning seniors worked hard to produce “The North Hills West Resiliency Plan” – spelling out ways that we could make our community healthier and more sustainable. Resilience being the ability to bounce back after a crisis like COVID or in this case to regrow after a bad drought. This year’s CSUN – Urban Studies and Planning senior project was to develop a plan to update the intersection into a pocket park that is visually interesting and useful to the neighborhood.

This brief survey will take less than 5 minutes and will help inform the final designs recommended to the North Hills West and Northridge East Neighborhood Councils.  Your responses are anonymous and appreciated.

Pocket Park Survey

Poodle Park Survey


Poodle Park Map


Poodle Park Movie Shots