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Subject: Front desk
Deployment of LAPD Area Detectives and Front Desk Operations due to #COVID19
In an effort to augment staffing levels, reassure the public, and create a safe environment for our employees, the Los Angeles Police Department is modifying some of our regular services. We ask for your patience during this time, as this shift of resources may impact the public.
Effective immediately, we will be deploying 50 percent of our area detective workforce to uniformed patrol assignments. These dedicated resources will perform high visibility patrols to critical locations throughout our 21 geographic areas, ensuring the safety of the residents and any store operators that may be dealing with very large crowds.
This deployment is not a response to any specific heightened criminal activity. To date, we have experienced very few isolated non-medical calls for service throughout the entire region related to the health emergency. There is no indication that there will be any change to this posture. We have seen Angelenos rise to the occasion by social distancing, good hygiene and sheltering with loved ones.
Also, starting Wednesday, all of our geographic areas will be closing their front desks and walk-up service. This move is an effort to ensure social distancing and do our part to slow the spread of Coronavirus.
Instead of going to your local area station, we are asking the public to use unique email addresses assigned to each of our 21 area front desks. Those emails will be monitored 24/7 and routed to the proper channels. Rest assured, we will still respond to crimes in progress or a crime in need of immediate follow up, as Watch Commanders will dispatch patrol officers to those incidents.
There will be some exceptions to the closures for specific business that requires an in-person meeting including, but not limited to:
-Vehicle/Property Release
-Child Custody Exchanges
-Attorney Visitation (with an individual in custody) -Bail/Bond Releases An officer will give specific directions on how those visits will be handled.
These new guidelines will greatly reduce contact between members of the public and Department personnel, hopefully ensuring the health and well-being of our workforce.
The LAPD is committed to providing professional service for our community and keeping our employees healthy, is critical as we continue to protect and serve the people of Los Angeles.
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