When and where

Date and time

Tuesday, August 15 · 6:30 – 8:30pm PDT


LAFD Fire Station 87 (FS 87) 10124 Balboa Blvd DO NOT PARK ON FS Property; use Mayall or nearby parking Granada Hills, CA 91344

Welcome back to Fire Station 87!!

We will be ‘in-person’ in our local Fire Station going forward. We thank Sierra Canyon School for the use of their wonderful facilities during the last several months!!

Thank you to all of the attendees at last month’s discussion about Wildfires.

We especially thank Captain Brian Nassour with the LAFD Brush Clearance Unit for his informed discussion about this vital subject.

We wish to continue the discussion at our August meeting.

Wildfires, Part 2 and Heat Emergencies

Wildfires, Part 2 – Last month we talked about brush clearance, this month we’ll talk about the other aspects of Wildfires – What they are and the damage they cause, how to prepare (excluding brush clearance), what to do when the fire is near, what to do when it’s time to evacuate and how to prepare for recovery. Preparing will include a discussion on hardening your house.

Time permitting, we will also be discussing Heat Emergencies – Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. How to recognize the different emergencies and how to prevent and how to treat them.

We will be discussing

  • An overview of wildfires
  • Preparing for a wildfire
  • What to do when the fire is near
  • Staying safe during a fire
  • Recovery after a fire
  • Brush clearance in a VHFHSZ

Please join us for our Community Meeting at Fire Station 87.

Keep in mind that there is no parking on the property as it is an ‘active’ fire station and we need to be cautious around the many Fire Station driveways.

Below you can see the general layout of Fire Station 87. Our suggestions on where to park would include along Mayall Street to the south – both West and East of Balboa.

This is a very busy Fire Station; Please Do not go to the main door (facing Balboa). Instead, walk along the South (near Mayall Street) side of the Fire Station to the LEFT of the Guardrail (and thereby to the LEFT of the Fire Engine Driveway/alley). Continue for about 20 feet and to your left will be a door. Go through that door and immediately to your right will be the door to the Community Room.

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing so that when you ‘practice’, you can easily maneuver.

Please check the CERT website for our future meetings Community Classes Calendar for more details: Los Angeles Fire Department CERT website