We’re currently seeking:

  • one (1) Residential Board Member, Seat term expiring 2025;
  • one (1) General Board Member, Seat term expiring 2025;
  • one (1) Residential Board Member, Seat term expiring 2027;
  • two (2) General Board Members, Seat terms expiring 2027;

Please submit your application today or come to our next meeting and submit your application. Applications must be received 14 days prior to the next Board Meeting for you to be considered at that meeting.

Please Apply Now: NHWNC Board Application


Please submit completed applications to:

LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils together form the grassroots level of the Los Angeles City government. The system was created to connect LA’s diverse communities to City Hall, and was established in 1999 by an amendment to the City Charter. While Neighborhood Council board members are volunteers, they are public officials elected to office by the members of their community. Since Neighborhood Councils hold their meetings in the communities they serve, they are an important avenue for public participation in the City of Los Angeles, and give the members of a community the chance to have input on decisions that affect their quality of life, and the services they receive from the City.