Many of us and our neighbors have experienced several back-to-back ‘Weather-Related’ events over the last few months.

Battalions 12 and 15 residents were especially affected by the Valley Fires.  Weeks later, our desert turned into mud and water due to several moderately-intense rain storms.  Winds came back and were very cold.

The rain, wind and fires don’t typically end on the second of January.  We will continue to see these events occur in the coming weeks and months.

The environment has been impacted, especially the loss of infrastructure such as bushes and trees.  When rain falls on burnt and barren land, the torrents of water can do substantial (further) damage.

On Sunday, January 19th (2 – 4pm), we will be showing you how to fill a sandbag and what to do with it.  We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance and local communities for long-term solutions to such debris flow.  We will guide you through the process of setting up a simple ‘barrier’ that will help to divert water and/or debris.  For further information, you can download a booklet at this web address:

Bring gloves (and a shovel if you have one) and wear some jeans and sturdy shoes.  That’s right!  This will be hands (and feet) on.

Where:  Knollwood Country Club
12040 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA  91344

When:   Sunday, January 19th
2:00 to 4:00 pm – BEFORE IT GETS DARK

To help us plan this event (so that we know how many to expect), please sign up below:

There are specific directions in the Sign-Up; be safe when driving on Balboa Blvd as it is a Speedway north of the 118!!