At our April 20 NHWNC Meeting we heard a presentation from City Of Los Angeles Urban Forestry Division: Stephen Du Prey, Nikki Ezhari, Elias Najar regarding the current state of our urban tree canopy and how to get more trees planted faster.

You can view the presentation here

They shared that our street tree inventory was completed March 3, 2022 and that it is possible to see the inventory results online through the TreeKeeper Site. In this screen shot shown below, each green square represents a tree. You can click on it to see what it is. Each blue square represents a vacant site.

screenshot of north hills tree inventory west of the Sepulveda VA Medical Center

They shared that you can get high quality free mulch made from trees. You can pick the kind of mulch you want. They will deliver a dump truck full of mulch for free to your location or you can pick it up in a pick up truck. More information:

They have allocated 1,500 tree to the Neighborhood Councils in the Valley, which equates to about 45 trees for North Hills West. Urban Forestry has already made plans to plant these trees.

To increase tree canopy request a tree.