Run for office

Attention! Our Neighborhood Council’s candidate filing period is currently open. We encourage you to get your basic application in first; then work on your essay and photo later. The filing deadline is February 9th, but don’t panic, you won’t have to write an essay before the deadline.

Once your basic application is submitted – ahead of the deadline – you’ll have plenty of extra time to turn in your personal statement and candidate photo.

If you were unable to attend any of the candidate info sessions we’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find links to view the presentation slides, the candidate info brochure, even a link to watch or listen to the special candidate info session video/recording & transcript!

Neighborhood Council Candidate Resources

Slideshow from the Candidate Info Session
Download a PDF of the presentation slides in the language of your choice below:

Candidate Info Brochure
This brochure explains it means to be a Neighborhood Council candidate; what Neighborhood Councils are and how they create impact; and who’s eligible to run or vote. Click to download the brochure as a PDF in the language of your choice:

Recording + Transcript of the Candidate Info Session

Watch or listen to the candidate info session here. You’ll be able to toggle between the Chat transcript and an audio transcript at the top right of the screen.

  • Part 1 introduces Neighborhood Councils and explains who can run or vote in NC elections.
  • Part 2 takes you step-by-step through City Clerk’s online candidate application process.
  • Part 3 covers low-cost / no-cost tips for running a successful campaign.
  • Questions from the audience are at the end.

More Information About Neighborhood Councils

Find your Neighborhood Council
Search by clicking on the map or entering an address:

Join Your Neighborhood Council’s Meetings
If you’re new to Neighborhood Councils, attending a board or committee meeting is highly recommended. You’ll get a feel for the people you will work with if you are elected, and see how current members of that NC do their work.

Subscribe to your Neighborhood Council’s agendas to receive their meeting invites and links to join their meetings on Zoom, at

Candidate Info Video
This four-minute video gives an overview of what Neighborhood Council (NC) members do, and what candidates for Neighborhood Council office can expect:

Where to File Your Candidate Application
City Clerk’s candidate application portal is located here:

Click “Create New Account” to set up your username/password, then log on to start your application.

Don’t see your Neighborhood Council listed? It’s probably because candidate filing is not currently open for your NC, as there are 12 different regional timelines used in this year’s Neighborhood Council elections. Check your NC’s candidate filing dates here.

TIP: create a custom email for your political self before creating your candidate application login on the portal above.

Doing so helps protect your privacy, because the email addresses of public officials must be listed publicly. That means your email address will be listed, too, if you are elected. The email inbox you use as a public official is also subject to public records requests, so using separate accounts for personal and political business gives you an additional layer of protection.

We suggest you just make sure your statement and photo are finalized by the time your NC’s ballot request period opens, so they will be available on the City Clerk’s website when voters are making their decisions.

If you submit the basic form by the deadline, you will also have an additional 72 hours past that filing deadline to submit any required eligibility documents.

Need help with your candidate application? Call City Clerk’s Elections team at (213) 978-0444 between 8:00am – 5:00pm M – F, or email them at

City Clerk’s Resources for Candidates
City Clerk’s main webpage for NC candidates has many important links and resources for your candidacy. Visit their page for their Candidate Guidelines; info on what kinds of paperwork to provide to qualify as a candidate; and an overview of how candidate challenges work:

  • Main City Clerk candidates webpage: