The time to get prepared is now! Join us again this year for another Great California ShakeOut, on October 19, 2017. What will you do differently this year? At the minimum, participation in ShakeOut is a 1-minute Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill, but you can do so much more. More than 3 million Californians have already registered for this year – join us!

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Animated GIFs for Earthquake Preparedness

Recently, ShakeOut organizers worked with Giphy to embed animated GIFs into Twitter’s GIF library (just click the GIF icon on the lower left the next time you are writing a tweet).

If you aren’t a Twitter user, you can download them from either the new page or by going directly to the ShakeOut brand channel on Giphy.

We’re All in This Together

ShakeOut is a movement being developed by millions of people around the world, representing every sector. People are learning how to stay safe from earthquakes because they see the value of the actions you have taken and want to come together as a resilient community too.

Individuals and families are following the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety. Governments and constituents are demanding better building codes. Private and non-profit organizations are making their workplaces safer through emergency planning and building mitigation. Scientists and engineers are working to further understand the earthquake problem, including QuakeCORE in New Zealand, the U.S. Geological Survey and SCEC in the United States, and Japan’s Earthquake Research Institute in Japan.

Test how prepared you are for earthquakes in your home, office, and car with AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah’s “Road to Ready” game. Share your results with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

As we embark on Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills this year, be proud of your preparedness actions. Invite others to get involved. And best of all, continue to have peace of mind that you are ready for the next damaging earthquake.

Great California ShakeOut