Sign up for free shade trees delivered straight to your door! Choose from over 30 different water-efficient species, and we will deliver 5-gallon sized trees to your home with stakes, ties, and fertilizer pellets. All you have to do is plant and care for them.

How It Works


Apply Online & Create Your Tree Planting Plan

Apply for our yard tree delivery program using our new tree planting software, FreeTreesLA. City Plants, in collaboration with the LA Department of Water and Power and the LA Conservation Corps, is pleased to announce the limited release of the new Free Trees LA Portal to help you register, order free trees, determine their best planting locations to reduce your energy bills, stay informed on the status of your order, and receive ongoing guidance on the care of your trees. Note: This application is optimized for Chrome browser on PCs or laptops. Please allow pop-ups for this site ( Instructions to enable pop-ups can be found here.



Our partner, the LA Conservation Corps, will deliver your trees straight to your door.



Plant your trees immediately to make sure they grow healthy and strong. Call DigAlert at 811 for more information on where to plant. It’s best to plant trees to the West or East of your house, between 15-20 feet away from your foundation. This will cool down your house in the summer and can even save you money on your energy bills.


Enjoy & Care for Your Tree

Once your tree is planted, it will need 10-15 gallons of water once a week for the first 3-5 years while its roots get established. A little effort now will pay off big in the future!