Zumba at Mid-Valley Library

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Who knew?! You can come to the Mid-Valley Regional Branch Library and enjoy Zumba, just one of the library’s incredible health and fitness programs.
Zumba is an exercise routine that uses fast, upbeat songs, usually accompanied by Latin music. Among the dance techniques you learn is the merengue, which is combined with variations of squats to achieve a full-body workout. Thanks to the Friends of the Mid-Valley Library, each Monday promptly at 6 pm, Cheryl Pontius leads a group of women in an hour of energetic dance and aerobic exercise. At first the class was offered just once per week, but because of its immense popularity and the fortuitous arrival of a second Zumba instructor, Lula Infantes, its participants have succeeded in giving rise to a second weekly session. Now, you can choose to come on Monday or at the new day and time, Saturday at 10:30 am.

Why join? Because it is good for you and unbelievably fun! The dancing burns fat and calories, improves your coordination, boosts your confidence, and improves your mood. You’ll also be exercising in a social and friendly environment where you can meet people in your own community. Best of all, join because it’s free! So what if you can’t follow the steps precisely. The idea is to move and have fun. Come join us for Zumba at Mid Valley.

Just one of the many ways in which the library is making a difference.

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