World’s Largest EarthQuake Drill

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This September, also take advantage of National Preparedness Month(NPM), a good time to start thinking about what you will do for International ShakeOut Day on October 18 too! What you choose to do in September can also count as your ShakeOut participation, but go ahead and try to do something different for both events!

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We’re all in this together. And we’re all busy! With so many things to think about and do everyday, we understand that getting prepared to survive and recover can seem overwhelming.

From now on, ShakeOut organizers will include an easy one-minute preparedness tip in these email updates, designed to get you ready for earthquakes in a way that’s fun, quick, and rewarding. And best of all, each tip will follow the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety.

Earthquake Information

The U.S. Geological Surveys Earthquake Hazards website,, is the best resource for information for recent and archived earthquake information (and its mobile-friendly). Bookmark it now:

You can also sign up for the U.S. Geological Surveys Earthquake Notification Service to get notified of earthquakes in areas you care about too, using your email and/or phone number.

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