VANC meeting Thursday, April 14, 6:30 p.m.

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Dear Representatives and Friends of  VANC,
I look forward to seeing you this Thursday for our guest speaker Tony Thurmond, State Supt. of Public Instruction and our list of  hot topics.
Please add the following Hot Topic to the agenda for the meeting.
Thank you.


The Clerk Clerk has convened an NC Election Work Group composed of NC Board members to provide input on the upcoming 2023 NC Elections.  Three voting options are under consideration:  an in-person Polling Place for each NC OR only Vote By Mail (VBM) OR a hybrid of  in-person and VBM.  The 2023 timeline has the Valley’s four Regions at the end of the cycle (during June for in-person and hybrid voting or during May for VBM).  A  2023 Election survey will be sent soon for NC consideration.  In addition, the City Clerk “Election Information Worksheet” including NC Polling Place location/hours and translation requests, will be sent “around June.”  Both the survey and the Worksheet will need to be agendized for NC action.   Email contact:  Clerk.ElectionsNC@lacity

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