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Meeting Date: Monday Jan.18,2016

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30 pm

Place: Galpin Ford – 2nd floor meeting room

15555 Roscoe Blvd (at the 405)

Free parking in the Galpin Lot on the West side of  Orion.

Please do not   park in the customer parking areas.

6:30pm     Networking

6:50pm     Introductions – Flag Salute

7:10pm  Valley VOTE Committees – 5 minutes each, limited questions

Vic Viereck

Ralph Kroy                   Sunshine Canyon

Ernie Hilger                  Veterans

Denny Schneider           LAX


7:30pm    Susan Shelley       

Susan will discuss the proposed Rate Increases planned by the LADWP
and how city residents can register a protest against them.

Susan writes a column twice a week for L.A. Daily News.


8:00pm    City Controller Ron Galperin  

Ron Galperin serves as Controller of the City of Los Angeles working as the watchdog for L.A.’s taxpayers. Controller Galperin oversees a team conducting independent audits, managing the City’s payroll and disbursements, preparing reports on the City’s finances, pursuing waste and fraud, providing information about the City’s finances and operations online — and focusing on modernization, management and metrics. Mr. Galperin launched ControlPanel.LA, the City’s first open data portal — featuring the City’s checkbook, details on the goods and services the City buys, assets and liabilities, employee compensation, operating indicators and much more. Because of these efforts, L.A. was named the No. 1 Digital City according to the U.S. City Open Data Census.


One of the Controller’s priorities has been to make the Dept. of Water and Power more transparent and responsive to ratepayers. He created UtilityPanel.LA, a data portal featuring key financial data about DWP spending and payroll. The Controller’s office conducted audits of the utility’s Joint Training Institute and Joint Safety Institute and released an Industrial, Economic and Administrative Survey of the DWP, with specific recommendations for structural reforms and creation of performance dashboards.


Prior to his being elected as Controller in 2013, Mr.Galperin built a reputation as a leading voice for government reform. He has long promoted cutting waste and developing programs to help businesses create jobs. As Chair of the Los Angeles Commission on Revenue Efficiency, he worked to develop new revenue sources and budget savings to deliver more services to residents and businesses. He also served as President of the City’s Quality & Productivity Commission.

Mr. Galperin brings to the Controller job more than twenty years of experience as a transactional and litigation attorney and small business owner. He received his J.D. from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

We are pleased that Mr.Galperin has taken time out of his busy schedule to present his views on the LADWP and L.A. City current issues.

8:30 pm Adjourn


Valley VOTE Mission Statement

Valley VOTE is a diverse coalition of San Fernando Valley residents, business people, educators, community activists, and organizations, committed to exploring and fostering the implementation of programs that empower the people of the San Fernando Valley and the City of Los Angeles, to improve local governance, education and public participation on policy matters. We meet monthly to address key policy issues and hear reports from our standing committee chairs. For additional information about Valley VOTE, for an upcoming meeting agenda, or for previous meeting reports and press releases, we encourage you to go to our web site –

We are a 501c4 non profit with no paid staff.
We appreciate the dues payments from our members to help meet our goals.


The press and public are invited to attend our meetings.
Our next meeting will be Monday evening February 15,  2016 at Galpin Ford.





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