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DATE:    Saturday, February 11, 2023 – (02/11/2023)

TIME:     12:00pm NOON

ADDRESS:    VNY Airport – Hayvenhurst & Sherman Way

 located at:

Meeting on the corner of Hayvenhurst & Sherman Way



Who hosts the event?

Despite busy schedules, responsible residents are taking an hour or so of their day to show a united front against the Environmental Justice crimes and furtive actions of Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) in their irresponsible stewardship of VNY.  LAWA is once again trying to push for City Council to approve expansion on the remaining (available) parcels at VNY – and while CD6 has NO council representative!  Valley residents seek City Council to act responsibly by rejecting the Bonseph Helinet lease that is not in the City’s best interest and will further exasperate disproportionate harm being done to Valley residents.  Valley residents also seek City Council to follow VNY CAC’s recommendation of mandating a moratorium on (unnecessary) aviation developments at VNY that otherwise change the footprint of the parcels and hold the potential or intent to accommodate more charter operations.  The charter aircraft predominately service the wealthiest 1% of society, at the expense of the masses and our shared natural spaces.  Operations have reached unsustainable levels to date.

LAWA failed to implement policy that would (otherwise) protect our vital ecosystem, as well as Valley communities that have existed for over 70 years.  Our communities existed before the unnecessary and irresponsible FBO (and other) expansions at VNY.  The VNY FBOs are all owned by BILLIONAIRES (Murdock, Bill Gates, etc), and servicing Millionaires or Billion dollar corporations.  The existing Master Plan directs LAWA to implement policy that would limit the type and volume of aircraft at VNY that is not compatible with existing communities.  LAWA’s actions defied that directive and instead of implementing limitations on permitted structures and hardscape construction for development projects, they allowed the Billionaires that own the FBOs (as well as heavy VNY influencers who are quick to sue the City when they don’t get their way) to dictate developments and leases that meet theirneeds, not the city’s and certainly not in compatibility with the Valley’s (near) 2 million residents and vast (vital) wildlife habitats.

L.A. City ZONED – Now Protect our HOMES

Join your fellow residents stretching across the Valley floor.

Stand up for your Civil Rights and Liberties to thrive in your own home.

Fight for your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health & Well-being.

Protect your children and loved ones from the non-essentialpollution detriment!

Demand the return of reasonable Quality of Life in the Valley.

Protect your Home’s Property Value and desirability.

Demand City Council correct defiance within the CEQA process on projects.

Help confront the hypocrisy of this City’s (C40) Mayor ambitions.

Remind City Council that they represent the masses, not just the wealthy 1%.

VNY’s economic contributions neither substantiate norvalidate excessive jets.

Moderization can be achieved without expansion.

Income can be drawn from sources that do not destroy Valley environments.

Relevant Ethical Principles

  • Principle of the Common Good – Billionaires, Aviation and City stakeholder’s pursuit of self-interests has lead to outcomes that have proven harmful to both the interests and the well-being of the masses.
  • Principle of Responsible Stewardship – BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly fail to meaningfully address the substantive content and effects of VNY’s excessive operations and growth in relation to public health, including responsibility to reduce and/or deter excessive and unnecessary detriment that was permitted by a negligent and naive VNY “Master Plan”.  In recent years, land use decisions for VNY parcel leases favored corporate interest over the common good of home and natural environments.  This “corporate interest” was enabled by Billionaires, like David Murdock and Bill Gates, whose FBO’s were granted lucrative and furtive leases that (otherwise) betrayed the public and common good.  Whether by naivety, negligence or greed (under the guise of  “needed” economic beneift),  VNY was allowed to be transformed into an international commercial detriment, defying its general aviation definition, and now proving to exceed any reasonable balance with the needs and rights of the population and our ecosystem.  No thought was put into parcel use for green space to off-set toxic output, nor was priority given to esnure the reasonably expected focus remain on societal functioning aircraft that benefits the common good, and privately owned aircraft, nor was foresight applied to decimating effects that would arise locally due to an influx of air traffic that predominately serves the wealthiest 1% of socety, or privileged “hobbyist” pilots.
  • Principal of respect for Human Dignity – BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly fail to meet the basic needs and civil liberties of the population that the City permitted (both literally and figuratively) to emerge and occupy impacted land surrounding an airport, and that includes the obligation to promote human health and well-being.
    • Precautionary Principal – BOAC, LAWA and the City of L.A. repeatedly failed to exercise due diligence in caution and engaging in meaningful community review and input before considering and accepting new or renewed leases (such as Custom services), capacity increases, toxic storage, and amenities that impact or potentially impact community.  Land Use is supposed to be subject to obvious public notification, as well as solicited and meaningful public input and influence. 2019 saw Assembly Bill No. 1628 CHAPTER 360, “Environmental Justice” signed into law.  The public challenges any parcel leases renewed or signed after the 2019 enactment date of this assembly bill, and concerned residents formally give notice that the “common good” REJECTS the upcoming renewal of the CBP services lease.
    • Principle of Equity and Proportionality – requires that priority attention be given to the most immediately at risk (children/schools and Lake Balboa area), and the vulnerable (2 million SFV residents and local wildlife).  Instead, BOAC, LAWA, and the City L.A. pandered to Billionaires, powerful unions/lobbyists representing priviliged “hobbyist” pilots, and the wealthy 1% who can’t be bothered to fly first class but instead, all collectively, violate the civil liberties (right to use and enjoyment of one’s property) and civil rights (right in pursuit of happiness) of the masses, and those most immediately at risk.
    • Principle of Inclusive and Deliberative Participation – this princinple necessitates ex-ante a deliberative and participatory process marked by transparency, universal access to information, inclusiveness, and individual and community empowerment.  Even after years of public pleading and outcry, BOAC refuses to put “Community Impact” as a permanent and quarterly agenda item, including affording a community representative from an Aviation Ad-Hoc or Roundtable to present reports during such an agenda item.  BOAC, LAWA and the L.A. City Council members are also REFUSING to grant communities the vital forum requested that gives them voice and access.  That forum requested is a SFV Community Working Group Ad-Hoc.
    • This crisis impacts EVERYONE.  SFV residents seeking ethical and moral action span the spectrum of income levels and racial heritages.  Poverty level to more affluent and everyone in-between, the Valley is becoming UNITED in demand for honorable aviation practices and the vitel need for State Airport Reform legislation that considers human (and wildlife) HEALTH the priority – not the sacrafice.

      Impacted Valley communities, including but not limited to: Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, West Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Winnetka, Reseda, Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, Valley Glen, North Hollywood, and Valley Village.

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