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Guest Presenter LAPD Chief Michael Moore

 LAPD Chief Michel Moore. 39-year veteran of 

 the LAPD, Chief Moore was appointed and confirmed chief in June 2018. How can NCs work with the LAPD to protect our communities? 


Zoom Meeting ID: 987 5924 1651

Dear Representatives and Friends of VANC,
The Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils is pleased to have LAPD Chief Michel Moore as our guest speaker at our next meeting on Thursday, March 10, at 6:30 p.m. Please be prepared with questions and concerns about your local policing  issues and issues affecting our broader community.
You will notice that we also have a new format with additional pages called Hot Topics that  provide a little more information on items on the agenda of special concern to neighborhood councils.
I look forward to seeing you Thursday night.
Jill Banks Barad-Hopkins, Founder and  Chair


  1. Welcome and Introductions:             Jill Banks Barad-Hopkins, Founder and Chair 
  2. LAPD Chief Michel Moore: Policing in the Valley. How can NCs work with the LAPD? Has removal of cash bail affected LAPD?
  3. DONE Digital Communications Policy: Proposed MOTION. Oppose current draft by DONE.  Proposed nine page policy not helpful to NCs. AB992 not applicable to NCs. All NC and DONE meetings must be open. See attached Hot Topics. #4
  4. NC In-Person meetings: Agendas not sent in timely manner. See Hot Topics #1
  5. DONE Red Tape requirements: What can we do? See attached Hot Topics #3
  6. PROPOSED new Code of Conduct: (Len Shaffer, BONC Commissioner) Introduced 7/19, removes any words about NC’s. Adds Proposed digital communication behavior. draft Code of Conduct Policy. Response from NCs
  7. Dog and Cat Bill of Rights AB 1881: See Hot Topics attached #6
  8. Councilwoman Rodriguez Council File (CF20-0963): See attached Hot Topics #2
  9. Items from the Floor.


*VANC Meeting Thursday, April 14, 2022: Speaker: State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond

      *PlanCheck 2nd Saturday of the month, details at 

         Educate yourself on City Planning and Land Use issues.

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