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Thursday, May 11, 2017

6:30 p.m. 

Sherman Oaks Hospital, 4929 Van Nuys Blvd.,
Doctor’s Conference Room.

(Validated parking in the structure)


Brenda Barnett, General Manager,
Dept. of Animal Services 
Plans to make LA animal shelters ‘no-kill’.


  • Welcome and Introductions – Linda Gravani and Mike O’Gara, VANC Exec Comm.                        
  • Community Plan Update Program Presentation from Adam Villani, City Planner, Dept.of City Planning
  • NC Resolution on Timing of the NC 2020 Elections (Glenn Bailey, Grayce Liu, GM DONE)  Has your NC voted and submitted the Resolution? Extended deadline is May 5.
  • BONC Ad-hoc Committee on NC Elections CF 15-1022-S2.  DONE recommendations concerning  (1) online voting,  and

(2) recommendation to set the minimum voting age for ALL NC elections to

16 years of age.

  • Public Works Services- (Laila Alequresh , Office of the CAO) How can the City improve the way public works services are delivered ? Efficiencies that would better serve LA residents?
  • Update: NC/BONC Subdivision Ordinance (the “Hermon Ordinance”)  DONE Funding policy?
  • NC Congress, Saturday, September 9: Update (Cindy Cleghorn, Sunland-Tujunga)
  • LADWP Bill of Rights- NC input to DWP (Tony Wilkinson, Pan. City NC, Chair MOU).
  • Important Council Files for NCs to consider(Glenn Bailey, Northridge East/ Encino NCs)
  • NC Liaisons- Animal Welfare, Film, Purposeful Aging
  • Items from the floor 
  • Next VANC meeting- Thursday, June 8

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