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Patrick Botz-Forbes
May is going to be busy month!!!!
More in-person CERT classes are starting and you can find the list of upcoming classes here:
This month we see the restarting of Community Meetings with Battalion 2 hosting a hybrid (online and in-person) meeting at Fire Station 47 on Wednesday, May 11th 7pm-8:30pm.
This Saturday, May 14th is the first Fire Service Day in 2 years where the public will be welcomed into LAFD Fire Stations. Special events are going on at certain fire stations and you can see which fire stations and RSVP if you are able to make it out:
Join us for our next Pop-Up Drill on Saturday, May 21st, 9:30am-12:30pm in Studio City will focus on Incident Response Teams:
Wednesday, May 18th 7pm-9pm is our monthly Continuing Education Training where we discuss the roles and duties of the Neighborhood Staging Area and walk through the flow up setting up, organizing, deploying and tracking teams, and prioritizing incidents:
Please scroll down in this email and see all the upcoming trainings and meetings or visit:
It’s still a work in progress so be sure to check back regularly for updates.
Patrick Botz-Forbes
LAFD CERT Central Bureau Coordinator
Our Neighborhood Team Program – Los Angeles Google Calendar is updated continuously as we add new events across the City: https://calendar.ntp-la.org
Add this to your Gmail Calendar and stay up to date as soon as we schedule a new training, radio net, classes, or other events.
Click here to view:
(click “add to Google Calendar” in bottom right if you use Gmail):
We can’t predict when a disaster strikes but knowing the steps to take after will make the difference between an event you and your neighbors recover from and a complete catastrophe.
The Neighborhood Staging Area is the hub of the neighborhood disaster response.
You and your neighbors meet here, coordinate and plan the response, and deploy teams to understand how bad the event was and deploy teams to do the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number in the Shortest Amount of Time.
We will review the goals of the Neighborhood Staging Area and the roles and positions that run and manage the response and the flow and priorities of setting up the Staging Area, Deploying and Tracking Teams, and Determining the Priorities of the Incident Response Teams.
Wed, May 18, 2022 7:00 PM PST
Running an Efficient Neighborhood Staging Area
As always, our trainings are open to everyone regardless of if you are CERT trained or not or live in LA City or not.
Join us on Wednesday, May 18th, 7pm-9pm Pacific Time on Zoom.
You will need to register on this Eventbrite to receive the email invite for the Zoom Meeting and instructions on how to join. Due to how Eventbrite manages online events, you will need to register a 2nd time for Zoom.
Visit Us on Saturday, May 14th during Fire Service Day
RSVP Below:
Sat, May 14, 2022 10:00 AM PST
Los Angeles City Fire Service Day
After 2 years with the door closed to the public, your Neighborhood Fire Station will celebrate Fire Service Day.
Saturday May 14th from 10am-2pm, LAFD will host special events at the following fire stations – each station will have different free events, demos – cars being cut up, ladder exercises, rides on fire engines and trucks, presentations, free food, family friendly entertainment:
Your LAFD Community Emergency Response Team will have an outreach booth at each of the above locations.
We’d love to have you drop by and say hello.
If you are a CERT graduate and interested in helping out at your local booth, please reach out to your Battalion or Bureau Coordinator:
Central Bureau Patrick Botz-Forbes – lafdcertcentral@gmail.com
FS 13 – Battalion 11 – Vincent Ababao – lafdcertbatt11@gmail.com
FS 44 – Battalion 2 – Tom Wirth – lafdcertbatt2@gmail.com
Valley Bureau Christy Adair and FS 88 – Battalion 10 – lafdcertvalley@gmail.com
West Bureau Carl Ginsberg – lafdcertwest@gmail.com
FS 27 – Battalion 5 – Jackie Kozak, Bob Adjemian, Ben Golfarb – lafdcertbatt5@gmail.com
South Bureau Chin Thammasaengsri – lafdcertsouth@gmail.com
FS 112 – Battalion 6 – Andrew Grundig – lafdcertbatt6@gmail.com
Wed, May 11, 2022 7:00 PM PST
Community Meeting hosted by LAFD CERT Battalion 2
LAFD Fire Station 47, Los Angeles
Wed, May 25, 2022 7:00 PM PST
In-Person Monthly Two-Way Radio Training – Hosted in Battalion 2
Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, Los Angeles
Tue, May 17, 2022 7:00 PM PST
Del Rey Neighborhood Team Program – S5 – Disaster First-Aid
Sat, May 21, 2022 9:30 AM PST
Neighborhood Pop-Up Drill – Studio City
Moorpark Park, Los Angeles
Sun, May 22, 2022 9:30 AM PST
Westside Village Radio Drill and Mapping Exercise
Palms Middle School, Los Angeles
Sat, May 28, 2022 9:30 AM PST
Hands-On for Newbies: Bandaging and Wound Care
Penmar Park, Los Angeles
The Neighborhood Team Program is designed to answer the questions, “How do I get started?” and “What next?”
These orientation sessions help bring you up to speed on the fundamentals and can be taken in any order and can be take even if you don’t live in the area hosting it.
We work with you to build, organize, and train a Neighborhood Disaster Response Team in your area,.
Programs starting in 2022 will have their sessions in this order:
  1. Neighborhood Preparedness and Organization with RYLAN
  2. Personal and Family Preparedness
  3. Responding to a Disaster in Your Neighborhood
  4. Using Two-Way Radios to Efficiently Communicate
  5. Disaster First-Aid and Medical Triage
  6. Neighborhood Security and Situational Awareness
The Neighborhood Team Program (NTP) is a natural evolution of the Community Emergency Response Team training and fulfills the original intent of program’s designers.
If you haven’t yet, please sign up at https://join.ntp-la.org to ensure that you get emails focused toward our local team building efforts and so our Coordinators can reach out to you and let you know about your Neighborhood Team Planning Meetings.
If you don’t sign up, we won’t know where to find you. And while you’re at it, please encourage your neighbors to sign up as well.
Our goals with the Neighborhood Team Program are:
  1. To have a single place for community members to sign up to find out more about disaster preparedness (CERT training, Ready your LA Neighborhood / Map Your Neighborhood) and to put them in touch with their Battalion and Bureau Coordinators who will guide them along the process.
  2. To have a standardized city-wide plan members can follow in their neighborhoods so that Battalion Chiefs know what CERT / Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams will be doing at the block level and can write us into their disaster plans.
  3. To have a plan to get critical incidents from the block level up to the LAFD Battalion Command Posts via two-way radio when 9-1-1 is overloaded and cellphones don’t work.
  4. To drill the plan city-wide annually so that we know it works and adjust the plans accordingly.

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