The International Drone Conference and Exposition

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  • September 7-9
    An Overview of State Perspectives on Drones and Drone Regulation
    Panels will focus on state regulation of drones, whether through state regulatory authorities or pending legislation, covering trends from all states along with a couple specific state approaches.Drone Patents, IP Strategy & Regulations

    This panel will explore the importance of UAV patents as a primary means to protect IP (which in most cases encompasses the majority of a company’s worth) and ways to remain distinguished among the proliferation of UAV-related technologies.

    FAA Regulations: The Latest Outlook

    So far, the FAA has spoken on the need to register all drones that weigh more than half a pound, but what about the rest of the proposed rules? If all rules are passed, what do the rules mean for commercial use? Join this panel of lawmakers and legal experts as they answer these questions and more.

    And that’s only the beginning. The InterDrone program includes more than 20 panels, and 100+ sessions on the prevailing topics in the commercial drone arena including survey and inspection, cinematography, Drones as a Service businesses, search and rescue and more.

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