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Exploration has shaped and changed the course of human history. Our very nature compels us to push beyond boundaries and to see what lies just beyond the horizon. Our drive to explore is fueled by curiosity that compels us to seek and understand the unknown. NASA is leading our nation and the world on a journey in which humans will travel deeper into the solar system than ever before. Boeing is helping to shape the “Path to Mars” with an architecture that supports NASA’s vision and leverages the proving grounds of the International Space Station, as well as the area around the Moon known as cislunar space.

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H2M Program Highlight:  This week, we are pleased to announce the “Mars Jobs: Small Business and the Supply Chain” panel that will take place on the afternoon of May 9, 2017.  Moderated by Grant Anderson of Paragon Space Development Corporation, this panel will feature Jenn Gustetic, Joe Hartz, and Pierce Lehr, who will discuss the vast network of small businesses around the country that play a critical role in space exploration and will be essential players as we plan to sendhumans to Mars.

Mars Jobs: Small business and Mars exploration

  • Moderator: Grant Anderson (President & CEO, Paragon Space Development Corp)
  • Jenn Gustetic (NASA: Program Executive for Small Business Innovation Research)
  • Joe Hartz (Senior Professional Staff, U.S. House Small Business Committee)
  • Pierce Lehr (Boeing; Supplier Management Space Exploration Division)
  • Why Mars? For Today’s Students, Exploring Mars Represents So Much More Than The Red Planet Itself

  • For as long as we can remember, the space industry has created moments that have inspired, and often defined, a generation: The first human-piloted space flight, the Moon landing, the Apollo 13 crisis, the Space Station, the beginning and end of the Shuttle era, the Apollo, Challenger and Columbia tragedies, the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, New Horizons, the introduction and continued growth of commercial space companies, and so much more. In addition to providing those moments, I believe the community also represents the perseverance of the human spirit. Even after the worst of times, like the loss of the Challenger crew, it came back with stronger, more innovative plans.Now the next generation is looking for that inspiration, dreaming about how they will change the world and what they will do to benefit mankind. For today’s students, that motivation and inspiration is Mars. These students know they are the ones who will step foot on the Red Planet. They will also be the ones who find cures for previously untreatable diseases, identify new energy sources, design new aircraft, improve our ability to care and feed for a growing population, just for starters. They are the future of our industries, our economy, our planet and beyond. These students are the Martians of Tomorrow. This is why Mars is so important. It’s more than the Red Planet itself. It represents a potential-defining moment for a new generation. This is what today’s students are working toward – to be the leaders, innovators and explorers that will strengthen our country and our world.
  • Join us for the biggest Humans to Mars Summit yet. “The timing for the Humans to Mars Summit could not be better,” stated Explore Mars CEO, Chris Carberry. “As the new administration develops its space policy, H2M is well positioned to have a substantial impact.”An initial draft of the agenda will be posted in the next few weeks, but the programming is already coming together extremely well. The Humans to Mars Summit (H2M 2017) will take place May 9-11, 2017 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  Register today and save with discounted pricing.
  • In addition to expert speakers and luminaries, H2M 2017 will feature discussions on such critical topics as:
    • Mission Architecture Concepts
    • International Partnerships
    • Diplomacy and Space
    • Mars Jobs: Small Business and the Supply Chain
    • Hollywood and Mars
    • Policy Opportunities for Mars by the Early 2030s
    • Mars and STEM Education
    • Mars Science: Updates and Opportunities, Why Mars?
    • In-depth Technical and Science Sessions
    • Cross-sector innovation toward Mars
    • The Affordability, Achievability, and Sustainability of Mars
    • What role should the Moon play in getting Humans to Mars?
    • and many other topics and VIP speakers.
    • Watch the main Summit page for up-to-date speaker and agenda information

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