Step-by-Step Community Response to an Earthquake

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It’s a quiet evening, you’re watching TV when you start to hear a rumble and everything around you begins to move…

One of your kids screams “Earthquake!” and dives under the table…

Things fall off your shelves, lamps off of tables, dishes and glasses out of the cabinets…

Your TV falls off the stand and shatters on the floor…
You hear the window in your room crack and shatter…

The lights flicker and then go out….

And then it stops.

You can hear car alarms going off outside.

As your pulse races, and you try to calm your breathing, you realize this was a major earthquake, maybe the big one even! It felt like it’s been shaking for 10 minutes. You check your watch and it’s only been 10 seconds.
You grab your cellphone – NO SIGNAL

What do you do next?

Join us on Wednesday, Feb 17th, 7pm-9pm on Zoom as we walk through a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Community or Neighborhood Response after the ground stops shaking and until things begin to return to normal.

We’ll cover topics from Map Your Neighborhood and the Community Emergency Response Teams trainings and the step-by-step guides from the Neighborhood Team Program – Los Angeles. Topics such as making sure you and your family are safe, checking in with your neighbors at the Neighborhood Gathering Spot and then organizing at a CERT Staging Area and Deploying Damage Assessment Teams, Reporting incidents over the radio, figuring out which incidents you can respond to at the Staging Area, and Deploying Response Teams to deal with the incidents.

You will need to register on this Eventbrite to receive the email invite for the Zoom Meeting and instructions on how to join.

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