Social Media, & Digital/Print Outreach for NCs

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 (6:00 – 7:30pm)

Social Media, & Digital/Print Outreach for NCs

Topics covered at this webinar will include:

  • Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as a public official and on behalf of your NC

  • Sharing admin responsibilities & credentials, and tips for gathering content for your board

  • Popular outreach tools such as print or digital newsletters and flyers

  • Every Door Direct Mail marketing

  • Tips and tricks for shortlinks, links in bio, admin apps for social media

  • City Attorney’s new social media policy for NCs

  • Text message campaigns

  • Accessibility – such as plain language, translations, alt text, color/contrast, font size, and screen reader-friendly hyperlinks

  • Navigating the Digital Divide and other equity issues

Special consideration will be given to doing NC outreach in the current all-virtual environment, and to promoting your NC’s upcoming elections.

Register now for the Social Media webinar on October 22:

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29 (6:00 – 7:30pm)

DIY PR & Media Relations for NCs

This webinar presents tips for engaging the media on behalf of your NC, and an overview of writing common public relations pieces like press releases, press kits, and About Us boilerplate statements.

Sign up for October 29:

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