Senate Bill (SB) 277 Hearing (re: Illegal Fireworks)

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The hearing for SB277 in the Government Organization committee will be July 12th.
We need to do everything we can to get SB277 passed, so there is less fireworks to be destroyed. That way there can be unlimited busts and get fireworks off our streets.

There is so much to this Bill, the biggest is it will allow cities to confiscate more
A lawsuit determined that years ago based on a (confiscated fireworks) burn in Lancaster and water seeping in to the aquifers When it comes to destruction, the limit is $2.1 million dollars. When the State Fire Marshal receives 200,000 pounds of fireworks, they have to stop taking fireworks because they can only spend $2.1 million of the $3.6 million budget. So it’s a matter of sending your confiscated fireworks in sooner than later. Also what LA city and county aren’t doing, is setting a cost recovery fee, on top of the fines. This is already allowed for by Bill SB839. This Bill allowed cities to create fireworks ordinances and charge recovery costs to help pay for destruction. Cities were supposed to send 65% of those fees to Fire Marshal to help offset the 200,000 pound limit. LA sends no money. It would be interesting to know if we have any municipalities in the County that have been collecting a cost recovery fee and not sending part of that to the SFM. This new Bill drops the 65% to 25%. Again, all cities can send fireworks to SFM and pay nothing, but they should be charging a cost recovery fee
fireworks bust so the SFM isn’t limited to the $2.1 million they can spend on destruction. Hope that makes sense.

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