Rules & Elections Committee Meeting

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1. Welcome and Flag Salute followed by Roll Call and announcement of quorum and qualifications 2. Discussion and possible motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes of November 17, 2016

3. GeneralPublicComments–2minutesperSpeaker
The public may provide comments to the committee on non-agenda items within the Committee’s subject matter jurisdiction. However, please note that under the Brown Act, the committee
is prevented from acting on the issue you bring to its attention until the matter is agendized
for discussion at a future public meeting.

4. Carried forward from prior meeting on November 17, 2016:
Discussion of possible Standing Rules and possible Bylaws modifications: examples Discussion of possibly going to a “staggered” Neighborhood Council Election
Where only 1/2 of the Board seats are up for Election at any Election
Discussion regarding counting abstentions as a yes vote
Discussion regarding the effect of recusals on quorum
Discussion regarding maintaining recorded media, like audio recordings of meetings.

As there is currently no wording, the accepted default procedure is to maintain media a minimum of 90 days beyond the approval of the minutes the recording represents.

5. Committee Member Comments
6. Requests For Future Agenda Items 7. Motion to Adjourn

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