Rockets and Flight – Educator Workshop

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Target Audience: Teachers for grades 4-12

Overview: Get students using the engineering design process to investigate the principles of flight in this workshop from NASA/JPL Education and take home standards-aligned activities and lessons. Participants will use Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) concepts and practices, such as scale and modeling, to build rocket prototypes, revise their designs and launch stomp rockets.

  • This workshop is not available online; you must be physically present to participate.
  • This workshop is limited to educators at U.S.-based institutions and organizations.

  • Questions? Call the Educator Resource Center at 818-393-5917.

    Can’t attend the workshop? Explore these standards-aligned lessons online.

    • Stomp Rockets – In this video lesson, students learn to design, build and launch paper rockets, calculate how high they fly and improve their designs.
    • Rockets by Size – In this activity for lower elementary grades, students cut out, color and sequence paper rockets in a simple mathematics lesson on measurement.
    • Build and Launch a Foam Rocket – Students build rubber-band-powered rockets and launch them at various angles to learn about rocket stability and trajectory.
    • Soda-Straw Rockets – Students study rocket stability as they design, construct and launch paper rockets using soda straws.
    • Heavy Lifting – Students construct balloon-powered rockets to launch the greatest payload possible to the classroom ceiling.

    This free workshop is offered through the NASA/JPL Educator Resource Center, which provides formal and informal educators with NASA resources and materials that support STEM learning.

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