Regional Budget Day

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Budget Advocate Report 12/23/2017

Presented by Jay Handal, Co-Chair citywide and your representative in area 11.

The regional budget day is set for January 20 th . Locations TBD. This is
the day we ask all citizens to come and weigh in on city services and citywide budget
allocations. Locations will be throughout the city affording all a convenient opportunity to
meet with their Budget Advocates, learn about the budget process and how it effects your
daily life, and offer all an opportunity to comment, make suggestions, and voice their
concerns about the City, its services or lack thereof. IN addition, each location will be
offering light refreshments as well.

Committee Reports

To date, the advocates have been meeting with as many General Managers and budgeting
teams in each department as possible
Reports from the committees are rolling in, and can be viewed in



Please feel free to write your concerns about city services either getting too much or not
enough, and e mail it to me at your convenience. This will help us in our conversations with
the departments when we meet them about how they formulate their budgets. Again,
please e mail it to me at:

Form all of us at the Budget Advocates, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy, Healthy,
Safe and Prosperous New Year.

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