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Presentations Coming to the March 2023 Expo:

  1. 20 Things I’ve Learned While Curating the Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications, with Kay Savetz K6KJN
  2. An Introduction and Overview of Ham Radio Digital Modes, with Jon Marler K4CHN
  3. Become a Magnet Club for Newcomers to Our Hobby, with Dave Jensen W7DGJ
  4. Can Learning Morse Code Be More Fun and Easier with Music? The MorseBass Project, with Lauren Speeth KK6NGE, Mike Padron N1CC
  5. CQ DX Marathon Program- A DX Program for Everybody, with Mark Wohlschlegel WC3W
  6. Creating a Radio Go-Kit That’s Right for YOU, with Dan Lundwall N7XDL
  7. Creating Your first Ham Radio Workbench, with Joe Eisenberg K0NEB
  8. Getting Started in the CQ WAZ (Worked All Zones) Awards, with Jose Castillo N4BAA
  9. Having fun with activities on a geo-stationay satellite QO-100, with Baris Dinc OH2UDS / TA7W
  10. How Beginners can use the FT-8 Digital Mode with Success, with Desiree Baccus N3DEZ
  11. How to be a Successful Ham Operator With Cheaper Older Equipment, even in an HOA!, with David Christie WB5KFP
  12. How to beg, borrow, buy and operate an old fashioned Novice CW Rig for 80, 40, and 15, with Ed Mohrman WA7EM
  13. How to Build An AI-powered Transcription Bot for FM Transmissions, with Brian Callahan AD2BA
  1. How to Build and Operate a QRP Earth-Moon-Earth Radio Station, with William Keicher KC1HTT
  2. How To Build Simple Wire Antennas for 15M to 2M & 70cm., , with Robert Glorioso W1IS
  3. How to build the “Optimum” Magnetic Loop Antenna Using Unusual and Inexpensive Materials, with John Portune W6NBC
  4. How to Build The Radio Rocket, with Vance Martin N3VEM
  5. How to Build Your First Amateur Radio Station, with Tim Staley K5TGS
  6. How to Choose Coaxial Cable for Beginners, with Bob Witte K0NR
  7. How to Get More Hams On Air, with Ken Alan WU6I
  8. How to Install Ham Station Grounding and Lightning Protection, with Mark Persons W0MH
  9. How to Operate SOTA and POTA When Traveling Abroad, with Paul Mower VA6MPM, Peter Shmerko VE6FPV
  10. How to use the Open Source Repeater-START software to find the local repeaters in your area to get on the air, with Luke Bryan KJ7BKH
  11. HT’s Across America – Updated, with Geoffrey MArk KM6TVJ
  12. Introduction to Ham Nets 101, with Jon Marler K4CHN
  13. Opening Presentation – Technician License – What are the Possibilities, with Anthony Luscre K8ZT
  14. Satellite Tracking using Astronomy Telescope Mounts, with Dwayne Sinclair AB6A
  15. SDR Rover Kit: The Next Generation Setup for Amateur Radio Contesting, with Zhemin Zhang KD2TA
    1. What is uSDX and how it got me on the air!, with Sajjad Golchin Poor EP6DSP
    2. What’s new with Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, with Randy Berger WA0DARRL logo

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