Public Hearing Notice for Case No. ZA-2022-3143-CU-SPR; 15701 W. Roscoe Blvd.

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Here is the “Notice of Public Hearing” for the property at 15701 Roscoe Blvd, North Hills, CA 91343 where the applicant is applying for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to have a retail store being permitted to operate 24/7 and not the hours that a store such as this normally operates
between 7am and 11pm..and closed from 11pm to 7am.
This hearing will be conducted entirely via Zoom:

Options to Participate:

Go to and click on “join” meeting in the upper right of screen
When prompted, enter the Meeting ID:  845 2292 9186
And Passcode:   829 655

You will be auto-muted when entering the meeting. To comment on an agenda item, click the raise hand icon (Webinar) or press *9 (Phone) to “raise your hand” virtually following staff calling the item.

The meeting’s agenda will be provided no later than 72 hours before the meeting at Please note that virtual meeting instructions will be provided on the meeting agenda.

Case Number(s):

Environmental Case Number(s):

General Information – Visit our website at for general information about public hearings and the exhaustion of administrative remedies.

The Zoning Administrator will consider: 

1. An Exemption from CEQA pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15303 and that there is no substantial evidence demonstrating that an exception to a categorical exemption pursuant to CEQA Guidelines, Section 15300.2 applies;  

2. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 12.24 W.27, a Conditional Use to permit specified deviations from LAMC Section 12.22 A.23 to allow hours of operation of 24 hours, daily, in lieu of otherwise permitted hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for Mini-Shopping Center/Commercial Corner Developments; and 

 3. Pursuant to LAMC Section 16.05, Site Plan Review for a new gas station and convenience store resulting in a net increase of 1,000 or more average daily trips. 

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