Proposed Home Depot on Devonshire in North Hills

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Help STOP HOME DEPOT build at the North Hills Shopping Center

Home Depot has submitted plans to the City of Los Angeles to build a new store at the North Hills Shopping Center at the Southeast corner of Devonshire and Balboa.  Home Depot will tear down all stores and the movie theatre East of Ralph’s, displacing all of the 13 small businesses.  This proposed  Home Depot location will border residents and will be less than 1/2 mile from Mayall Elementary School and 2 high schools.

If Home Depot is allowed to tear down this neighborhood shopping center it will negatively impact the local residents by increasing traffic, including large semi-trucks, to the already busy intersection of Balboa and Devonshire.  Currently, Balboa Blvd. is a through fare to the 118 freeway that is already gridlocked during morning and evening commutes.

Another way the Home Depot will negatively impact the community residents is with their very early and late store hours interrupting the families living in the apartments and homes it will border.

A huge big box construction store does not belong in a residential neighborhood. On April 12, 2022, a Home Depot store in San Jose caught fire resulting in a toxic environmental crisis, causing residents to evacuate.

Don’t let Home Depot destroy our local neighborhood shopping center that has been in the heart of our community since 1960!

Please join us by signing our petition and show your disproval of the proposed HD and we will submit it to the City of Los Angeles Planning and Development and Council-member John Lee CD12.

Thank you for your support and concern with the community we live in.

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