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Planning 101 Training — What is the latest regarding this training?
*This training is required for your appointed planning, and land use committee members (or boards if no committee is selected). Board members should use their credentials to log in and access the training. If a Planning & Land Use Committee member has not satisfied the Planning 101 training requirement by January 1, 2022, then the Planning & Land Use Committee member will not be able to vote on items in the Planning & Land Use Committee (or its equivalent).
If a Neighborhood Council does not have a Planning & Land Use Committee, then the Board members of the Neighborhood Council will need to complete the Planning 101 training by January 1, 2022 to vote in proceedings involving planning & land use issues.
Thank you so much to many hundreds of Planning & Land
Use committee members for fulfilling the Planning 101 requirement.
*From the December 1, 2021 Monthly Profile Update
What is PlanCheckNC ?
PlanCheckNC was created by Neighborhood Council stakeholders to promote more stakeholder participation in planning and land use issues and make government more responsive to local community needs. The purpose of PlanCheckNC is to help Neighborhood Councils and their stakeholders have the knowledge and tools to develop a vision reflective of the values of neighborhood residents and to develop and implement a land use framework that enables all stakeholders to feel that they are a part of the community– supported, safe and valued by the community.
This is Your Opportunity to Network with Neighborhood and Community Council Land Use committees from across the City of L.A. Those receiving this email are current or former NC board and land use committee members, city staff and presenters at PlanCheckNC meetings. This is a valuable opportunity.
Thank you for participating in PlanCheckNC.
Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy.
Please invite your Land Use Committee members to PlanCheckNC.
Save the 2nd Saturday of each month!

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